Saturday, March 14, 2009

Truly Bizarre Games Probably Lock Up A 1 Seed For Pitt

After Pitt's humbling loss to WVU, I postulated that there was a definite chance that the Panthers' previously "locked up" number 1 seed might not be so locked up after all if certain events were to transpire.

So much for that.

Basically every other contender for a 1 seed besides Louisville and Memphis (who doesn't count because they play their games against Little Sisters of the Poor) has been upset in the past few days, to the point that things have essentially been reset to where they were at the beginning of the week. And that of course means that the Panthers are just about locked in a top seed.

It may not be exactly how I imagined this week going, and certainly there are still kinks to be a bit worried about as the Panthers approach the Big Dance, but after watching the quintet of Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Connecticut and Michigan State all match Pitt's losing effort, we figure to be celebrating the first number 1 seed in school history tomorrow night.

Of course, after a few moments of talking about it being cool to be a 1 seed, it is right back to work and back to focusing on the task at hand, which of course is making a legit run at the national championship and breaking through the Sweet 16 barrier that has toyed with our emotions the past several seasons.

On an semi-related note: It would be kinda cool to see Duquesne win tonight, right? Personally I have absolutely nothing against the Dukes and have a number of friends that go there and who weren't even aware Duquesne still had a basketball program until the past couple days. In all seriousness, though, it would be especially cool because a win would mean that (potentially) all the main local teams would be dancing this year. Our Panthers are obviously in, probably as a 1 seed. Bobby Mo wrapped up the NEC title a few days ago and are being projected around a 14 or so. The Dukes, if they win, would probably fall around a 12 or 13. West Virginia is a lock for an at-large and I'd venture a guess that they'll be around a 6 seed or so. And Penn State currently resides on the bubble of the at-large teams, but they have at least a decent chance to get in and would likely get either an 11 or 12 seed.

It'd be cool to see which ones of the local squads enjoy the most success. I personally am hoping that it happens.

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