Monday, February 2, 2009

TK Suspended?

Apparently Brian Burke has some compromising photos of Gary Bettman (then again I think everyone has compromising photos of Bettman judging by how often the league makes a boneheaded decision).

Really, a suspension for Tyler Kennedy for supposedly coming off the bench to fight? While, yes, it is true that TK came off the bench and got into a fight, it's not as if he came onto the ice looking for a fight. Things were getting a little...shall we say frisky between the Pens and the Leafs at that point in time. A few Pens skated over to the bench to make what was pretty much a run-of-the-mill change. TK, in all his scraptastic glory, did what he so often does and thats start getting under the opposition's skin. He's like the Pens version of Hines Ward or DeJuan Blair only if those guys had almost no discernible skill whatsoever. So anyway he's out there doing his thing because Luke Schenn blindsided Geno with a vicious (but legal) hit. I mean, if hockey's not going to let third liners like TK stand up for the super-duper-stars like Geno then what the hell is the point of even having fights being allowed?

And how can their be a legit suspension with the reason being he was looking to instigate a fight? When was the last time you saw a hockey fight without instigation? How could that even be possible? Someone always has to instigate the fight. Players just don't spontaneously start bashing each other's skulls in without any logic or reason or starting point.

Yet another ridiculous decision in the long line of ridiculous Gary Bettman decisions.

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