Monday, February 2, 2009

Pitt Debacles Bobby Mo

You might not have realized it if you turned on the local news (or any news for that matter) today but the number 5 college basketball team on the planet had a game tonight right smack in the middle of town against another Pittsburgh team. Apparently there was some other kind of game yesterday and some sort of minor uprising last night that dominated the Pittsburgh sports/ University of Pittsburgh news beats today.

Of course this game wasn't exactly Pitt/UConn or anything like that. In fact. it wasn't even Pitt/ Duquesne. It was Pitt/Robert Morris.

By all accounts (though not my own account as I'm still too hungover to even go to class let alone jump around like a nut job in the Oakland Zoo for two hours) it was exactly what you'd expect from Pitt this time of year. They jumped out in front early on and promptly shifted into neutral and ended up coasting to a 92-72 W. It's not surprising that it was a coast job like this because of the level of play the Panthers have been accustomed to seeing of late and just how far the fighting Bobby Mo's were from that level.

In talking/ texting to a few friends who were in attendance, their assessment of the early part of the game was, to paraphrase one of the great orators of our time, Mr. Emmitt Smith, "Robert Morris got DEBACLED!" And if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, for once I actually have logic in my words. Fast forward to the :35 mark and watch about 5 seconds worth of clip and you'll see what I mean.

Anyway, it was good to see Sam I Am scoring again as he filled the net for 23 points. Shockingly the Grizzly Blair had just 8 boards and 18 points. Like I said, a ho-hum, idling-in-neutral performance for the Panthers.

Next up on the list of victims opponents is DePaul this coming Saturday on the road at 4:00. Of course that's nothing more than an appetizer for the main course: the West Virginia Mountaineers next Monday night at 7:00.

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