Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Steelerstahl the Mayor of Sixburgh

Alright, things are getting a bit out of hand. I guess the Luke Steelerstahl thing was kinda funny, mixed with kinda corny and kinda okay-we're-taking-this-football-thing-a-bit-too-seriously.

But the City of Sixburgh? I'm not exactly any sort of expert on the powers of the local government and where the checks and balances come into play here, but the proclamation by Councilman Bruce Kraus "officially designating the City of Pittsburgh in 2009 as the City of Sixburgh" seemed over the top. And this is coming from a person who voluntarily spends several hours a week writing about sports for complete strangers to read instead of doing something like...I don't know... working on the countless different tasks I have every day as a college student.

Hey, you wanna give us 1 day of Sixburgh? That's cool by me, which is why I more or less ignored the Ravenstahl to Steelerstahl thing (even though he kept the Steelerstahl name until the Super Bowl and may even still have it for all I know). But to say something goofy like the entire year will be spent as the city of Sixburgh, even if it's an obvious joke, is just weird.

Do they really think a proclamation like this was really going to make any sort of a difference to Steeler fans? Of course it won't! We don't need the politicos spending their time trying to pump up the Steelers. There is no conceivable way to pump up the Steelers more than they already are. Seriously guys, we'd all be a hell of a lot better off if you spent more time figuring out the drink tax mess, working out the potential details of the messy City/ County merger, finding ways to finish the ridiculous North Side T dig, and bailing out the drowning Port Authority than watching you stumble over yourselves trying to attach your name to the Steelers.

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Jonathan Bryant said...

Haha I saw that too yesterday. So silly. I think I liked Sixburgh better as a fan gimmick beforeit became all official.