Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cavanaugh Is Gone!

Just three days after the infamous SB43 Riot and just one day after an ominous statement from Chanceller Nordy that makes it clear Pitt is going to punish the worst offenders from Sunday night's anarchy, joyous rioting has commenced yet again on the streets of Oakland.

I mean, if the news that Matt Cavanaugh is O-U-T as the Pitt OC isn't worth rioting, then I just don't know what is. Oh that's right, a SUPER BOWL! (Sorry, I just can't stop slipping that into every day conversation. "Ryan what's the answer to question 5?" "We won the Super Bowl!" That's essentially been me the last 3 days in class.)

Seriously, though, if SB43 gave me a feeling of 10 on the 1-10 scale, this is a solid 7 on that same scale. I'm so fired up I really would be ready to riot again if someone was leading the way. (Re-reading that threatening message from the Chancellor...) I mean...I'd be ready to riot for the first time ever I'm so fired up. Yeah...that's it.

To be honest, though, doesn't this all seem a little bit weird? Aren't offensive assistants in the NFL typically guys who are just breaking into coaching? And then there's this downright awkward quote from the Wannstache as reported by Paul Zeise in the Post-Gazette
"'We all know Matt's a great coach and I'm sure a lot of other people out there will be interested in giving him another opportunity,' Wannstedt said. 'It wouldn't surprise me if people had an interest in him, but at this point, I have nothing to say about it'"

I mean that's a strange thing to say about a guy who is moving to a new job without getting canned. Giving him another opportunity? I have nothing to say about it? Just a strange couple of sentences there. Something is very fishy about all of this.

My personal conspiracy theory: Cavanaugh was actually never going to be retained despite what Wanny was saying immediately after the Sun Bowl. But because of the respect that Cav has within the program they didn't want to fire him and gave him some time to try and find another job. I'm sure he was looking for a job as QB coach or something in the NFL or even an OC at another school maybe, but after 4 seasons of dreadful coordinating, no one was biting. So, instead of being fired and having literally no job whatsoever he called up his old pal Rex Ryan and, hat in hand, asked for an offensive assistant job with the Jets.

I mean why else would he possibly want to make this move? It's crazy. To go from calling plays and making all the offensive decisions for a major college football program to a lowly offensive assistant position in the NFL just doesn't happen without there being more than meets the eye. Of course, I'm not certain that it will be the "offensive assistant" title that Cavanaugh holds when the season starts. If he ends up as the QB coach, I will rescind what I just wrote, as that's probably an upward move for him. But regardless, I would've thought he'd be fine with staying here as the OC if things really were fine between him and Wanny.


Jake said...

Love the Conspiracy Theories. All that matters though, is that Cavanaugh is gone. Let's all hope Wannstedt gets a real college Offensive Coordinator. One who can run the spread, the wildcat, and utilize the playmakers. Every other team has one, is it too much to ask?

Ryan said...

Now there are reports that Cav is going to be the Jets QB coach and not just a lowly offensive assistant. Still, this is probably about a lateral move, especially considering that because he failed as a Pro OC twice he isn't likely to get another shot at that position.
I stand by my feeling that Wanny told Cav to start packing after the Sun Bowl calamity and just let him stay on so that he could not be embarrassed by being fired and could find another job elsewhere to leave this one for.
I also think it means that Wanny probably has a replacement in mind. On staff David Walker is probably the top option but I think we could see an outside candidate. And no I don't think it will be Walt Harris as has been suggested in several other circles.

Larry said...

Also very happy to see Cavanaugh go. Did you see Smizik today in his blog is suggesting the same thing you are? That Cavanaugh may have been pushed out of Pitt by Wannstedt but he was allowed to hang on to find a job elsewhere.