Monday, December 8, 2008

The College Football Playoff Selection Show

After a few weeks of projections, here it is folks... Three River Sports' 2008 College Football Playoff Selection Show...

In case you missed it, I put together an article a few weeks back that detailed my personal plan for a college football playoff that seemingly every real college fan in existence wants to see. And I am sure this morning that Texas, Alabama, USC, Utah and even (gulp) Penn State fans wouldn't mind seeing this put into effect this year. And so now that the interminable college football regular season has wrapped up, I can make it official: Here are the seeds, matchups, dates and locations for the 2008 TRS College Football Playoff.

1 Oklahoma
2 Florida
4 Utah
5 Texas
6 Penn State
7 Cincinnati
8 Virginia Tech
9 Alabama
10 Texas Tech
11 Boise State
12 Ohio State

First Round
Texas vs. Ohio State at Tampa Bay December 20 Noon
Penn State vs. Boise State at Houston December 20 6:00
Cincinnati vs. Texas Techat Orlando December 20 3:00
Virginia Tech vs. Alabama at San Diego December 20 9:00

Second Round
Oklahoma vs. Virginia Tech/ Alabama at New Orleans December 27 3:00
Florida vs. Cincinnati/ Texas Tech at Atlanta December 27 Noon
USC vs. Penn State/ Boise State at Dallas December 27 6:00
Utah vs. Texas/ Ohio State at San Francisco December 27 9:00

at Pasadena January 3 8:30
at Phoenix January 3 5:00

National Championship
at Miami January 10 8:30

Also in my system, there will still be bowl games for the rest of the teams. I don't have the energy to go doing all that just now, but will try to get the rest of my proposed post-season up sometime in the next few days.

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