Sunday, March 8, 2009

TRS All Big East Team

UPDATE: I guess the Big East now just names the top 6 players to the All-league squad. Not sure what changed, as that used to be 11 (it was last season). I don't like the much, much smaller team, and can't figure out how the hell they can claim there are 11 players better than Levance. Maybe they are naming a coaches team or something too. Not sure what's up. If I were to just name 6 to the first team, they'd be: Blair, Young, Thabeet, McNeal, Williams and Harangody. I'd find room for Fields on the second team.

I'm really not sure what day the All Big East squads get announced, but I'd have to assume it is sometime in the next couple days prior to the BET. Unfortunately, I can't trust those coaches to do the right thing, especially when guys like Jerry Wainwright and Fred Hill have the same amount of say as coaching icons like Jim Boeheim and Jim Calhoun and up-and-coming coaching stars like Jamie Dixon and Jay Wright. I'm not even sure Wainwright is familiar with what good basketball looks like. If he is going off his team as a model I think he might vote Gary McGhee as the Player of the Year.

Anyway, because I can't trust these results because of the idiocy of some coaches and the politicking of others, I figured I needed to pump out my own All Big East teams, complete with the same numbers of players as the coaches team will have on the teams (11 on the first and 10 on the second as well as 6 honorable mentions). I'm really not sure what kind of All-Anything basketball team can have 11 players, and can be chosen with no regard to position, but that's how the Big East rolls.

So let's get to it:
First Team
F Sam Young Pitt
F DeJuan Blair Pitt
G Levance Fields Pitt
F Luke Harangody Notre Dame
C Hasheem Thabeet Connecticut
F Terrance Williams Louisville
G Jerel McNeal Marquette
G Jonny Flynn Syracuse
F Earl Clark Louisville
F Dante Cunningham Villanova
G A.J. Price Connecticut

Second Team
F Jeff Adrien Connecticut
G Deonta Vaughn Cincinnati
G Wesley Matthews Marquette
F Lazar Hayward Marquette
G Jeremy Hazell Seton Hall
G Dominique Jones South Florida
G Eric Devendorf Syracuse
F Paul Harris Syracuse
G Scottie Reynolds Villanova
F Da'Sean Butler West Virginia

Honorable Mention
G Weyinmi Efejuku Providence
G Alex Ruoff West Virginia
G Kyle McAlarney Notre Dame
G Dominic James Marquette
C Greg Monroe Georgetown
F Dar Tucker DePaul

Seriously, can you imagine if the Big East went to the traditional 5 or 6 man teams? That'd be insanity. I had a hard enough time paring down the First Team to 11 and the Second Team to 10. It was splitting hairs between Clark, Cunningham, Price, Adrien and Matthews for the first team, and the same thing goes for leaving off Efejuku and Ruoff from the second team and including Butler. I will be very interested to see how this plays out. I also couldn't decide what to do with Dominic James. He would have probably been a borderline first teamer had he stayed healthy, but I'm not sure what will happen now. Honorable mention seemed good enough, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him make his way onto the second team out of respect for what he has done.


Ryan said...

As a follow-up, I'm not sure if this is the coaches team or not, but some sort of Big East all-conference team was announced, and there were only 6 players on the first and 5 on the second and 5 on the third. Not sure what this is about, as the last two years there have been 11 players on the first team.
1st Team
Sam Young, Pitt, Sr, 18.8 pts/game
DeJuan Blair, Pitt, Soph, 15.6 pts, 12.4 rebounds
Luke Harangody, Notre Dame, Jr, 23.7 pts/game
Jerel McNeal, Marquette, Sr, 20.1 pts/game
Terrence Williams, Louisville, Jr, 12.8 pts/game
Hasheem Thabeet, UConn, Jr, 13.6 pts/game

2nd Team
A.J. Price, UConn, Sr
Wesley Matthews, Marquette, Sr.
Jonny Flynn, Syracuse, Soph.
Dante Cunningham, Villanova, Sr.
Da'Sean Butler, West Virginia, Jr.

Kinda weird, but whatev

Peter said...

What a bunch of garbage for Fields to be third team. That's total BS. Freaking big east coaches. What idiots