Monday, March 9, 2009

North Carolina ahead of Pitt and other things for me to complain about

First and foremost, I gotta lodge a complaint over the unabashed love of North Carolina that continues among the media. Someone care to tell me how the hell they are ahead of Pitt in both polls? Not that it really matters much, as Pitt has a number 1 seed in the tourney just about locked down and the RPI is the important ranking, but still, it matters a tiny little bit. Enough to piss me off anyway. Pitt did just knock off the number 1 team in the entire country from the number 3 spot. Wouldn't you think that qualified them enough to move up to the top spot? I thought it just might. I'm clearly just to naive though to think that pollsters had common sense to make that calculation on their own.

Some other things I feel like ranting about now
I've seen waaaay to many "bracketologists" (seriously what a disgrace to -ologies everywhere) that have the Big Eleven Ten having more teams than the Big East in the Big Dance. How in the blue hell does that happen? If the Big Ten and Big East formed some sort of uber-conference with 27 total teams we'd definitely see the Big East with the 5 of the top 6 teams and 7 of the top 10. I also have tons of faith in Providence as the 8th team in the Big East and Cincinnati, Notre Dame and Georgetown as lower-tier teams. I think any of those four would be in the top 5 in the Big Ten. So, to repeat my previous question, how the hell does a conference full of middling teams like the Big Ten get more bids than the Big East? Ugh. There is still time for the world to right itself. The State Penn, Michigan and maybe even THE OSU are all on the bubble. If there is any justice in the NCAA Universe (and Utah football would definitely argue that there isn't) at least two of these three should miss and Providence should definitely make it. I can't really speak to the quality of the Big Ten teams, but it is highway robbery if Providence doesn't make the tourney. That is a damned good team with a winning record in the insanely difficult Big East.

Next on the bitching list is the Joey Galloway to the Steelers rumors. I'm not saying that Galloway to the Steelers is necessarily a bad option, as I think he could be a decent enough third option if the Steelers can get him on the cheap. However, I'd rather go after some other options. One potential intriguing but slightly costly move I wouldn't count out would be taking a look at Saints receiver Lance Moore. N'Awlins tendered Moore, who is a restricted free agent, but for the second level money, meaning that a team could make a better offer to Moore than the 1 year 1.545 million dollar contract the Saints offered him and if the Saints don't match they would then get our second round pick. Some might say that is too much, but I saw Lance Moore last season, and I would give up our second rounder in a freakin' heartbeat for him. As I've said previously, I think there is at least a decent chance the Steelers draft a receiver anyway in the second or third, and they would have to be incredibly, incredibly lucky to land a receiver as good as Moore. So why not offer Moore 3 or 4 years at 4 million a year and see if the Saints will match? Yeah, maybe getting a receiver like Moore isn't worth tying up that type of cap room, especially when he would only be the third receiver on the squad, but he is a difference-maker and could be dynamite coming out of the slot or something like that, especially with Hines Ward figuring to be running short on productive, starter-type seasons.

Capitals fans are a disgrace. Check out Pensblog here and here for the gory details, including especially the comments sections. God I love that site. Seriously though, where were all these great Crapital fans in recent years when their building was invaded so badly by Pens fans that they had to block out our area codes from ordering tickets? What a bunch of losers. Especially loser-y is the college student whose idea it was to spend all sorts of money to buy the pacifiers to taunt Crosby. For one, that worked out real well didn't it? I mean he only had his best game in several weeks and was a dominant force of nature. For another thing, she is an admittedly poor college student with little money and she spent a ton on these pacifiers. She goes to school in Alaksa (who the hell goes to school in Alaska from D.C.?!?!), and she bought the pacifiers up there. Now, I know news travels pretty slow all the way up to Alaska (I don't think they even have newspapers up there, let alone internet. I think they rely on Pony Express and carrier pigeon for communication) but someone should let her know there's this recession thing going on and it may not be the best time for college students to be spending all that cash on such a useless idea. I mean I'm a college student and I don't even feel comfortable spending extra cash on anything but alcohol.

Finally, the ultimate reason to complain: I'm busting out the Haz-Mat suit, as I have the very unfortunate task of driving to Philadelphia Wednesday morning for an interview. I can't even describe how little I want to move to Philly if I get the job. Ugh.

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