Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big East Tournament Predictions

One of the goofiest tournaments that you will ever see kicks off today at Noon and won't end until Saturday night, probably sometime around 11:30 or so. And despite having games every day and it being a single elimination tournament, there are just 16 teams participating. The Big East Tournament might just be the most unique thing going these days. And because I love college basketball, the Big East, and tournaments, I figured I'd throw on the old prognosticator's hat and make predictions for each of the 15 games slated for the next 108 hours or so.

Tuesday Games
Cincinnati over DePaul
St. John's over Georgetown
Notre Dame over Rutgers
Seton Hall over South Florida

Wednesday Games
Providence over Cincinnati
Marquette over St. John's
Notre Dame over West Virginia
Syracuse over Seton Hall

Thursday Games
Louisville over Providence
Villanova over Marquette
Pitt over Notre Dame
Syracuse over Connecticut

Friday Games
Villanova over Louisville
Pitt over Syracuse

Saturday Games
Pitt over Villanova

I mean, of course I'm picking Pitt to win the title. I tried to incorporate a couple upsets in there, but this is a pretty top-heavy conference, so the big upsets were minimal. I do think Villanova has a very good shot at making some waves and the same goes for Syracuse. Nova has been overshadowed all season by the big three in the conference, but that is a very good team that I think could make a long run in March. Syracuse, after some mid-season issues, appears to finally have their head on straight, and you know Cuse-UConn is always a fantastic game. That's vintage Big East right there, and I really think it would be a coinflip. Besides, with Louisville losing in the semis, UConn should still just barely grab a 1 seed. Also, I am hoping that one BET win will put Providence over the top and into the NCAAs. I would love to see them be a cinderella story in the Big East with 2 or more wins in the BET, but I just can't picture them beating the Ville.


Daniel said...

Well you got off to a hell of a start with DePaul beating Cincy. Maybe I should be happy you picked against WVU

Ryan said...

Yeah that got things off to a rough start. But I mean, c'mon, you seriously couldn't have expected me to predict DePaul over Cincy right? And I rebounded nicely in calling the St. John's-over-Georgetown game. That was a slight upset.