Thursday, February 19, 2009

Penn State beats Illinois 38-33 in Football Game. Oh wait...

I normally exclude Penn State from this blog for any number of reasons, but mainly: 1) I'm a Pitt student and lifetime fan so its hard for me to really feel like covering another school, especially a "rival" (even though we aren't rivals!) and 2) Penn State is not in Pittsburgh.

Typically the only time I cover Penn State is if it is because I have a reason to embarass them. This occasion is no different. Before I go any further I'd just like to dedicate this any of my friends at PSU who poked fun at Big East Football. This is for you...

Honest to goodness, the final score of Penn State/ Illinois (with Illinois supposedly being a Top 25 team and Penn State supposedly being a bubble tourney team) was 38-33 last night. Right now you are thinking to yourself, "That's a misprint" or "I think he means that's the score of the Penn State/ Illinois football game this past season." You would be incorrect. Now you are probably opening up a new tab on your browser and getting ready to scan ESPN's scoreboard. Here let me save you the trouble.

Can you imagine how atrocious that game must have been? James Naismith would've torn down that peach basket and gone back to the drawing board if he knew this was the result. I can tell even the PSU fans are embarassed and they won. When PSU stunned Sparty a few weeks ago I got not less than 5 texts/ IMs/ phone calls from Penn State fans fired up that their team was on the way back and that Penn State's b-ball program was now on a national level, same as Pitt. Yesterday? I didn't hear a peep. I didn't even know the game had happened until the SportsCenter anchors were making fun of it.

I mean how can anyone take that conference seriously? You can't! How many points would Pitt beat these teams by? 50? 100? In fact, you could combine these two teams and Pitt would win by 20. At least. And that's with Jamie Dixon putting Ryan Tiesi and Tim Frye and Gary "The Human Foul" McGhee in for the last 2 minutes.

You know what the score of the Penn State- Illinois football game was? 38-24 Penn State. Their football team scored as many points as the basketball team! In one 20-minute stretch Penn State was 3/26 shooting. And they won. I'm not entirely convinced either one of these teams would score a point if they played UConn or Pitt. I'm seriously not.

Okay, that's all for me. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll slip a joke about this excuse for a basketball game into my next 20 posts.

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