Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Links From Around the Confluence

Some very good links floating about:
-The Sports Guy breaks down the Super Bowl on the B.S. Report with his usual entourage of NFL experts plus Cousin Sal. I'd be just fine if he took Sal out of that equation and just had Schatz and Lombardi on, but whatever. It's quite long, but if you have a shade over an hour to kill, I'd recommend it. UPDATE: Better yet, if you have one second under an hour, check out the just posted BS Report with Pittsburgh Steeler fan Dave Dameshek.

-Speaking of Lombardi, he puts together a 5 Things Each Team Must Do to win little ditty. As always, it's the usual superb stuff from Lombardi.

-ESPN is putting together another all day chat on the Super Bowl with roughly 1,000 different guests making appearances. Much like the B.S. Report, if you have a spare hour to kill to read all the different crap, it's worth it.

-ESPN writer David Fleming has oddly been around for much of the Steelers last decade-and-a-half run of excellence. He re-hashes quite a few uncomfortable and irritating moments, but it is a definitely cool walk down memory lane if you are up for it.

-If you feel like wetting yourself from laughing, the Pensblog has an epic feature on ways to turn the team's season around. The Sidney Crosby/ The Rock comparisons are simply amazing.

-Joe Posnanski, possibly the best sportswriter in America, takes The Boss to task for playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show. It's never a dull topic when Pos is writing about it.

-Pitt football got another verbal commitment this morning in 3-star Shane Gordon. Gordon is a 3-star guy that is a middle linebacker much like recent commit Dan Mason. This just about rounds out the Pitt class. There will probably be one or two more commits, but nothing worth getting all fired up over. There are plenty of 3 stars and some 4 stars in this class, but we haven't seen any Shayne Hale, Jonathan Baldwin, Shady McCoy types in this class. Kind of surprising being that this is our most successful Pitt team under Wanny yet. Not sure what the reasoning for this would be.

-The Pirates are very actively pursuing Eric Hinske. This is certainly better than the reports that came slightly earlier in the day about the team going after Luis Gonzalez. I like Hinske as a backup outfielder/ corner infielder. Here's his baseball reference page. This would put to rest the Doug Mientkiewicz drama, I would assume. And although I know Mientkiewicz makes certain Pirate fans swoon at the very mention of his name, or his grit, or his clubhouse leadership, I think Hinske is a much better pickup for this roster than Dirty Doug. Hinske has serious pop in his bat, and while the Pirates don't want him anyway near everyday duty, the jury is still very much out on the likes of Andy LaRoche and Nyjer Morgan and who knows what to expect from Brandon Moss. He apparently took the whole Pirate thing a little too seriously being that he's going to be hobbling around on a peg leg in the outfield.

-A fascinating list of the Top 60 Plays in Pittsburgh sports history. Obviously its incredibly debatable the order but its hard to argue with a lot of it, as there are so many incredible plays that this town has witnessed over the years. A couple quick qualms, though: Lynn Swann's juggling catch against the Cowboys in Super Bowl X should be higher than 23. I've long thought it might be the greatest play in Super Bowl history. Personally I'd rank it third on that list. Also, how is Norm Johnson's onside Super Bowl Kick really 33rd? I mean, come on, I remember everything about that play and I don't think it would crack my top 100. There's not as much emphasis on spectacular plays so much as there is on context of the plays. Troy Polamalu's unbelievable pick earlier this year against San Diego doesn't make the list but a double play in the 90 NLCS, Dave Parker's outfield assists in the All-Star Game, and a few important but not game-altering picks in the Super Bowls do make it. But in all honesty, a very, very good job by Dameshek here.

-Lastly, a very good piece by ESPN's Dana O'Neill on the REAL Mayor of Pittsburgh, DeJuan Blair. I don't think there's any question which youngster would win if Pitt's big man ran against Luke Steelerstahl Ravenstahl.

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