Sunday, January 25, 2009

Links From Around the 4-1-2

Eagerly awaiting the Pitt-WVU game, so to kill time, here are some links to some interesting stories floating around that pertain to the Burgh in one way or another. (Note: Very few Super Bowl or Steeler links because I just posted a bunch the other day and, well, it's not hard to find Super Bowl stories these days.)

-I can't really link to this because it's in the Sporting New Today online edition (here's the link to the entire Issue, scroll to Page 5 for the article I'm talking about) but it doesn't sound like Scott McKillop had a good week at the Senior Bowl:
"McKillop struggled athletically, making teams wonder whether he has enough talent to be a productive starter. He struggled with felxibility, quickness and playing speed- especially when dorpping and moving in coverage. Projection: Fell from a third or fourth round prospect to a sixth-/ seventh rounder."
That's a shame to read. Hopefully McKillop is able to turn it around in workouts/ combine showings. Also, that was an opinion put forth before the actual game. I watched a portion of the tape of the game this morning and McKillop seemed to play pretty well, though certainly not great. I still think he's a third or fourth rounder somewhere, at worst.

-A columnist in the Pitt News says Bill Stull should and will be the starting QB in 2009. I agree that Pitt is definitely in a very good position to make a run at the Big East if they can get a new back or backs to carry the rushing load because the rest of the conference is losing a pretty fair amount of talent. However, he lost me with his effusive praise of those running backs. Shariff Harris can put up Shady-like numbers? Chris Burns > Darren Sproles? Really? That's supposed to be believable? I know the point of columns, especially in college papers, is that they are supposed to have something in them that stirs arguments and provokes the reader, but comments like that are just lunacy. There is one line I do whole-heartedly agree with, though: "After the Sun Bowl disaster, the coaches need to devise a new game plan of their own to put their quarterback in the best position to succeed."

-In case you somehow haven't seen this yet, you need to check out Mondesi's House's list of the greatest plays in Pittsburgh sports history. Quite impressive and comprehensive list that includes videos and pictures.

-Oh No! A Steeler has been arrested! Wait, it's Jon Dekker? Okay, never mind then. Sorry to alarm you.

-I guess the Russian Cold War between Geno and Ovie has either reached a miraculous truce or maybe never really existed at all. I'm actually pretty glad to see that for Geno, as I think he could use as many countrymen friends/ acquaintences as he can get being that he still is adjusting to the media spotlight. I was also impressed by his granting an on-ice interview after winning the accuracy contest. He has come a ridiculously long way over the past year, and is really growing off the ice. Good for him.

-In an odd sort of story, Kevan Smith is leaving the Pitt Football team to go play baseball for Pitt instead. He has already joined the baseball team for the coming season and is working out to get ready to play with them. He'll have 3 years of eligibility there. I never realized it before, but apparently Smith was a pretty highly regarded catcher coming out of high school. He was never much of a QB, as any good Pitt fan knows, but here's hoping he finds his way with the baseball team.

That's a wrap, as the Pitt game is getting under way shortly and I need to prepare for this one. I'll probably post shortly after its over. Its always fun to go up against the worthless hoopies and their ridiculous inferiority complex. Go Panthers!

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