Friday, January 30, 2009

Late Night Steeler Links

This is likely my last edition of SB43 links. But its Thursday Night/ Friday morning and its roughly 1 degree outside and since I'm not the least bit tired and am basically just killing time until Burn Notice comes on at 1 AM, I thought I'd piece together a few of the countless interesting stories/ links hanging around the web right now.

The Sports Guy is stopping by Friday for one of his delightful yet very rare marathon chats. The over/under is about 3.5 hours. I'm leaning towards the under.

James Farrior is in touch with the Trib on a daily basis for a little diary action.

There are rumors circulating all over the place that our beloved Large Benjamin had some X-Rays on his ribs and that he may be more hurt than he or the team have been letting on. However, Peter King is saying that, even if Ben has a little bit of the ouchies he still looks damned good. In typical King fashion, he also puts together 10 things he thinks he might think about thinking. Or something like that.

Some random news stories: Tomlin's the Coach of the Year, Heinz Field is still the worst, and Dick LeBeau is coming back.

I'm not entirely sure how I should feel about this yet, but the Super Bowl has gone Twitter. For the life of me, I'm not sure I'll ever really figure out the appeal of Twitter. I mean, giving constant updates on what's happening in your life? I guess I can see it for events like the Super Bowl (though it'd be infinitely better if someone like Deadspin had a Twitter account at the Super Bowl and could say whatever they want...but I guess they'd just do that on their blog if they wanted to...all this internet stuff just criss-crosses with each other) Like I alluded to, the NFL is sponsoring the Twitter account, so its mostly the standard company line, promoting the Super Bowl stuff. A bit of a Yawner, but if you really want detail on today's Radio Row and stuff like that, this is certainly the spot for you.

The leader of the free world is pulling for our beloved Steelers.

Does this mean the Secret Service will let us borrow their ultra-super-secret spy stuff to gain an advantage in SB43? I mean it's not like this would be the first time such equipment has been used, right Mr. Belichick?
Sorry to any Boston fans, I just absolutely positively could not resist. It's in my DNA.

Joe Posnanski, who I have previously mentioned as being in my mind the top sportswriter in America and a guy I have a bit of a man-crush on, does a very good job capturing the Steeler essence in this column. I have been meaning to link to this for so long that he actually put up a follow up post on his personal blog because of the Burgh attention he's gotten for it. This post actually kinda jarred me. I mean it's definitely a very good column and all, but people crying over it? Uhmm...I can't see it. Maybe I just have no soul. Not sure.

If you are a fan of the spectacular D.J. Gallo, then you simply must be checking out his daily blogs from about SB43. Gallo also looks at some Steeler bars around the world. And if you aren't a fan of D.J. Gallo, well then I'm not sure we can be friends. In fact, if you aren't down with D.J., kindly hit the olllld back button on your browser and return to whatever page you came from.

As much as I love the fine folks at Holy Taco, don't they know that Steeler fans are already second on the NFL's ranking of fat fan bases? I mean we'll never catch Green Bay, that'd be like someone catching the Canadiens in Stanley Cup titles, but good lord this Super Bowl snack item they are pimping out nearly gave me a heart attack just from looking at it. If there are any dramatic moments in the game, we're going to have a few hundred cases like this one because of this artery-destroyer. This is going to be on your conscience Holy Taco.

Bill Belichick and a few other NFL coaches give some scouting insight on the game. Worth a quick read.

For our final Steeler link, here is some very irritating news that is circulating only in rumor form for now: That there may NOT be a parade if the Steelers win the Super Bowl. There might only be a celebration. Uhmm... what the hell? Are Dan Onorato and Luke Ravenstahl and whoever else new to the city? Are they not aware of how seriously we take our Steelers and how much we revere and worship them? A "celebration" or whatever the hell else ain't going to cut it. Especially because it would mean that everyone who wants to celebrate will have to congregate in the same area. Where in Pittsburgh do you suggest that can happen unless they are going to be lame and hold at Heinz Field or something and have it be completely impersonal and dull. The beauty of the parade is that it spreads people out like crazy so that everyone isn't piled into one big mess of people. Granted there is always a stopping point where people congregate but not everyone goes there. Trust me, Pittsburgh leaders, have the damn parade. If finances are a little tight, how 'bout Mayor Steelerstahl covers the cost with some of his excess campaign funds being that he has enough cash to bring him and his peeps to the game.
And then some Non-Steeler stuff too, because after all there are a few other teams in this town, though you wouldn't know it by looking at the Post-Gazette and Trib's sports pages:

The Pensblog takes Dan Potash to task for a...uhmm... suggestive question. Nothing gets by the Pensblog, and a good Potash bashing is always A-Ok by me.

Neal Huntington waited until he was absolutely, positively certain that no one in the entire city was paying attention to him...and then he makes not one but two competent moves (more than he'd made all offseason mind you) in the same day. This sucker probably could've had better timing, but signing Paul Maholm to a 3 year extension is a smart move even though I think he ends up a 3 or 4 starter. The Eric Hinske deal ain't exactly a franchise-altering signing, but its smart and gives us an excellent bench piece. It also signifies the end of the Dirty Doug Mientkiewicz Era in the Burgh. Whatever. Doug was a good clubhouse guy and I'm sure the crazies at the PBC Blog are storming PNC Park with pitchforks and torches, but Hinske's the far superior option to Doug in my mind. I already touched on this previously.

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