Friday, December 5, 2008

A Bored Post Just to Irritate The State College Fans

Yet again, I find myself bored of studying for finals and writing papers and whatever else. So in toiling around the internet, I thought I would just make light of yet another arrest on a person involved with the Penn State football team. That's right: The Lion.

Now don't anybody get irritated with me for posting a humorous photo about a DUI incident. The combo of a mascot being in legal troubles for the most legally troubled team in sport and my loathing of Penn State was just too great for me to resist something.

In case you were wondering, 46 players (and 1 mascot) have faced 163 (actually 164 now) criminal charges in the last 6 years, a downright appalling number that should get the school in serious hot water if the NCAA weren't a complete and utter joke and if the State College legal code applied to everyone, instead of the current policy of applying to everyone who isn't under the control of Joe "The Crypt Keeper" Paterno.
But seriously, 46 players arrested in 6 years?!? How on earth does that happen. But hey, the Lions are good this season, so who cares right?

I mean I know my neighborhood, South Oakland, isn't exactly the safest place on earth, but down here the only thing that people are really afraid of are the few vagrants who wander around, and if you are dumb enough to live across the Boulevard of the Allies then you have some ghetto folks wandering around too, but the truth is, mostly all of them are harmless and easy to ignore. Certainly they're easier to ignore then 15 freakin' football players storming into your apartment and beating the living hell out of everyone inside. Seriously, forget Adam Sandler, they should have just hired this entire football team to star in the remake of The Longest Yard if they wanted it to be a real-life documentary about a football team full of criminals.

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