Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Updated Version of My College Football Playoff

It's been two weeks since I first made my college football playoff proposal in this space and gave the rundown of how it would look as of that point. Anyway I was thinking about that today and decided to update how that playoff system would look if the playoffs started right now, even though there are still two weeks to go in the season. If you need a refresher of the rules, or didn't catch it the first time around, click the above link for the details. So here are my 12 seeds, the matchups that would be produced, and how I think it would shake out.

1- Alabama
2- Texas
3- USC
4- Utah
5- Oklahoma
6- Penn State
7- Cincinnati
8- Florida State
9- Florida
10- Texas Tech
11- Boise State
12- Ohio State

So that would give us the following matchups:
First Round
Byes:Alabama, Texas, USC, Utah
Oklahoma vs. Ohio State at San Diego
Penn State vs. Boise State at Atlanta
Cincinnati vs. Texas Tech at Tampa Bay
Florida State vs. Florida at Houston

Second Round
Oklahoma/Ohio State vs. Alabama at New Orleans
Penn State/Boise State vs. Texas at San Francisco
Cincinnati/Texas Tech vs. USC at Orlando
Florida State/Florida vs. Utah at Dallas

Now try and tell me with a straight face that this tournament wouldn't make a ton of money and get a boatload of national attention. So, here's how I see this all shaking out:
First Round
Oklahoma 41 Ohio State 14- The Sooners roll over an inexperienced Buckeye team that is on it way to greatness, but isn't ready yet. Sam Bradford's potential Heisman campaign continues to gain steam.

Penn State 24 Boise State 10- I love Boise State and certainly have no affection for the Nittany Lions, but this is a case of the little guys not ready to play with the Big Boys. PSU isn't likely to put up any big numbers, but they throw talent at Boise State that the Broncos haven't seen before.

Texas Tech 42 Cincinnati 28- Hey look! It's two teams that got obliterated by Oklahoma. As much as I would love to say that the Big East could pull an upset, this isn't a good match-up for the Bearcats, as the Red Raiders have faced much better spread teams all year in the Big 12 and can easily keep Cincy's O in check while their own O goes to work.

Florida 41 Florida State 21- I must admit, I thought about changing the seeds around because these two teams will meet shortly in the regular season, but for now, the seeds stand, which is horrific news for the Seminoles who can't play with Tebow and company.

Second Round
Alabama 27 Oklahoma 21- The ultimate immovable object vs. unstoppable force game as the Tide's vaunted D takes on the Sooners potent O. The Tide are on too much of a roll, though, Roll Tide Roll.

Texas 31 Penn State 14- Another intriguing game, but the Nittany Lions can't hang with the Longhorns, as Colt McCoy and company coast on through to the semis.

USC 38 Texas Tech 24- USC cements itself as the trendy dark horse type pick with this solid W over the Red Raiders, as the Trojans demonstrate their talent once and for all.

Florida 45 Utah 24- The Utes are playing for the pride of the little guys, but Florida is not the team they wanted to get paired against. The Utes have been excellent this season, but the Gators are sniffing another title, and blow away the slower Mountain West champ.

Alabama 28 Florida 20- The soon-to-be SEC Championship game is played a second time, and the Tide prove victorious in a close one.

USC 41 Texas 31- USC pulls something of an upset as Mark Sanchez continues his excellent play and the Trojans, long considered the most talented team in the country, are clicking on all cylinders.

National Championship
USC 24 Alabama 10- The Tide just don't have enough offensive firepower for this one, as USC's lighting quick D is too much for Bama's offense, and the Trojans are able to muster up enough points to give Pete Carroll that elusive third National Championship.

So there you have it, at least in my mind. Please keep in mind that these projected seeds are based on where we are now, not where I think we will be in two weeks. That would be a whole different look.

So, if you agree, disagree, or just want to let me know how you think it would play out, drop me a line.

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