Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waiting Really Is The Hardest Part

Lots and lots of stuff is happening right now and the Pittsburgh sports scene, but everything seems like it's close to really getting interesting, and as such I really don't have a whole lot write about. Seriously, think about it:

-The Pens are in the midst of a very exciting run, of which there are a ton of different angles to cover and write about, sure, but after adding all these new pieces and having such a successful streak going, you've got to be looking a head at least a little bit to the post-season right? I mean with just 15 games to go, the post-season is so close you can just about taste it, and barring a collapse the Pens should be there in the fray of the always enthralling NHL playoffs.

-Pitt hoops has had a few off days to prep for the Big East tournament, but really every Pitt fan is infinitely more excited about the real tournament, the NCAAs. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the BET and will watch every last second of it on TV, but we've conquered that twice now, but still have yet to break through the Sweet 16 in the Big Dance. If ever there were a Pitt team to make it through, this has to be it. Plus, the general excitement of the NCAAs is something that every college hoops fan and even any general sports fan absolutely has to love and get fired up over.

-Spring training is finally in full swing, but the excitement over that has faded a bit, at least for me. I'm ready for the real baseball season to start and to be able to watch games on TV that aren't part of that goofy WBC thing (which by the way I think is a garbage event).

-The NFL offseason had an exciting few days last week with the start of free agency, but it is in a definite lull now. Obviously I'm a huge draftnik and am as fired up as anyone for April's NFL Draft.

I know, I know, I need to relax and not rush things and just enjoy the Pens' exciting regular season finish and Pitt's Big East Tournament games, but what can I say? I am an impatient SOB.

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