Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Three Rivers Three Links

Like so many others on the morning March the 18th, I'm not really in peak mental and physical form right now. So let's get right to this thing:

1. A video from ESPN of Todd McShay talking to some random ESPN anchor about Shady McCoy's Workout. It sounds as though our old friend Shady had a good but not quite great workout. The 40 was a decent 4.50 (or so) which is better than Knowshon Moreno or Beanie Wells. The actual on-field performance in his workout was very solid and McShay raved about McCoy's ability to catch out of the backfield and get upfield quickly. That sounds like the Shady I know and love. In my mind this probably solidifies him as the 3rd best back in the draft, but I don't think that it was good enough to pass Wells or Moreno. What is interesting though is the job he did receiving. If the right team gets enamored with that facet of his game (Philly? Arizona?) he could definitely find himself going in the late first round.

2. Tom Gorzelanny is out like Tom Hagen. Gorzo, the once highly touted lefty starter who put up a superb 07 season with the Bucs, was optioned to the minors earlier today. This continues a ridiculous downward spiral for Gorzelanny. It also all but solidifes the opening day rotation as: Maholm, Snell, Duke, Ohlendorf and Karstens. You really have to wonder whether he even has a future with this organization, as a demotion with 3 weeks still to go before Opening Day doesn't just signify he wasn't as good as the others, it signifies some definite dissatisfaction with him from the organization.

3. Interesting bit about Pitt's (and every other big team's) chances to make it to the Final Four based on having future NBA players from 3 Hoops Fans. By their account, Pitt only having two future NBA picks (more on that in a sec) would make Pitt an underdog to the Dukies in their region. one of the more likely teams to make it to the Final Four, as having 2 is the magic number, as Jon pointed out to me in the comments below. Just going off the teams with the most future NBA sure-fire players, the Final Four would be North Carolina, UConn, Wake Forest and Duke. That would be a Big Time ACC year.

Also, I don't know that Blair and Sam I Am are the only Panthers with a shot at going pro, though. I still maintain Gil Brown has the athleticism and either Jermaine Dixon or Brad Wanamaker have the potential if they can continue to grow. Just something to keep in mind.

Finally, this isn't a link, but my nasty addiction to standing-watching in the NHL is really only getting worse, so I figured I'd share the affliction with all of you. The Pens are solidly the 5 seed right now in the East. Just gotta keep on winning. I don't want to play Boston or New Jersey in the first round personally.


Jon said...

Thanks for pointing out our post! I want to clear up the thought behind the 2+ NBA player rule though. Oliver discovered that 2 is the bar for making the Final Four, but that wasn't to suggest that a 3 NBA player team is necessarily favored over a 2 NBA player one. All three of us like Pitt's chances, especially over Duke :)

Ryan said...

Sorry if my explanation wasn't clear on that Jon. That's my bad. I just misread what you guys were saying there. My apologies. Thanks for taking the time to point that out.