Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Three Rivers Three Links

1. With 24 Season 7 heating up, I thought I'd link to one of my all-time favorite sites, The Jack Sack. For fans of the 2-4, you really have to go there and experience it to understand the awesomeness of the site. The photo shops, the Jack Sack descriptions, the Snuggie parodies, the recaps, the recent Larry-Renee love letter... just a superb job by the folks over there. If you are a legit 24 fan I dare you to go there and not spend a solid half hour lurking around. There are a freaking ton of 24 blogs lurking around, many of which I at least sporadically check out. Maybe every Tuesday I'll link to a new one or something. But I just recently discovered The Jack Sack and it's my new fave I think.

2. Bob Smizik blogs about something I heard Joe Bendel bring up last week when he was killing time on-air because Pitt was out of the Big East Tournament. What would Pitt say if the Big Ten came calling and wanted the Panthers as a 12th member? I don't think there is any doubt that the Panthers would say yes in about .0001 seconds because of the monetary bonuses. However, there is the seperate issue of what Pitt should say if that happened. The Smiz also examines that. I also think that is a definite yes. Is the basketball as prestigious? Of course not, but it is still a damn good b-ball league and Pitt would still be a national power and their play would probably fit in quite well with the Big Ten actually. And it is fairly obvious that the football program would be better off joining the Big Ten. While there is no question that Pitt would be a lower-tier Big Ten team at first, I think the football program could definitely work its way up. They'd never be an annual contender like the Big Two in The OSU and Michigan, but I do think they could mature into an Iowa/ Michigan State like program. The usual expectation being 7-9 wins and maybe every so often the stars could align and they could legitimately challenge for the conference title.

3. I've been searching around for an article/ blog posting that dealt specifically with East Tennessee State. After combing through Google for 2 days, I finally got one. Nothing controversial here. It's cliche city and the Bucs go out of their way to be complimentary of the Panthers.

Finally a quick site update:
After a delay of a couple days, I'll finally be putting up my latest Mock Draft later today.

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