Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Three Rivers Three Links: March 24

1. Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke takes a look at potential 5th starter candidates who aren't currently in camp with the Pirates. He focuses mostly on potential non-tenders after ruling out the entire (worthless) crop of free agent pitchers. If you were hoping for some possible nice pickups here like Tyler Yates last season, I'd calm the excitement down a bit. The best option for the Pirates WHYGAVS concludes is probably Phillip Humber from Minnesota. I'd rather stick with Karstens with Gorzo and D-Cutch as the fallbacks. And WHYGAVS says basically the same thing. I will be interested to see if anyone else comes available, maybe someone who you wouldn't expect but just gets pushed out. Seems like that happens to 1 or 2 guys every year. Still, I see little problem with Karstens as our 5-man.

2. This is related to a post I'm going to have up tonight at some point (hopefully), so I thought I'd post it. It's the MVP debate between Pierre LeBrun and Scott Burnside for the Hart Trophy maybe a few days old, but it's worth the read. Also, LeBrun wants fan feedback.

3. Finally, it's Tuesday, which means I'm a little sad because there are 6 days until Jack Bauer is back in my life. So I've got to post the requisite 24 Blog of the Week. Today I'm featuring Blogs.4Bauer. Seems like this is one of the more popular 24 blogs out there, as evidence by their heavily-participated-in live blogs. If you have a spare 30-45 minutes, I'd recommend reading through last night's. Good stuff. Also, for any other casual 24 fans out there who don't have the time to read up on all the happenings in the 24-verse, did you know that Elisha Cuthbert is coming back this season. As a 24 fan, this offends me terribly. But as a male, I'm terribly excited. Quite the conflict waging inside of me.


Jack Bauer said...

Thanks for linking to B4B....but bite the side of your tongue that is offended by Kim's return.

Ryan said...

Haha fair enough Jack. I'd never be one to question Jack Bauer. Keep up the good work.