Friday, March 20, 2009

Three Rivers Three Links: March 20

Okay there's no grand intro to the Links today. Sorry, but I have my priorities, and today that priority is getting to Hemingway's by 12:30 or so and reserving myself a top-notch seat right at the bar so that I have both a superb view of one of their nice TVs and easy access to the bartenders and the waitresses for all of my beer and food needs.

1. Among others, your truly participated in a post over at Sean's Ramblings in which we asked Sean some questions about what he should look for as he ventures down to Bradenton for a few days watching the Pirates in Spring Training. Some pretty good questions and some pretty funny ones, too. I'm looking forward to his answers.

2. Yeah Sage Rosenfels is one team's high-priority offseason move, Dan Orlovsky is signed for 3 mil a year as a backup, and yet Byron Leftwich doesn't have a job. The Bleacher Report wants to know the same thing I do, why doesn't Leftwich have a job? It's ludicrous. Right now I'd put Leftwich among the top 20-25 QBs in football, yet no one wants the guy. I mean I won't complain if the Steelers bring him back for another year, cuz he's a crazy good backup, but I kinda feel for the guy. And I just don't get how the 10 NFL teams that need a good QB can be this dumb. To paraphrase Will Ferrell from his award-winning turn as Mugatu in Zoolander, "Sage Rosenfels, Dan Orlovsky, J.T. O'Sullivan, Chris Simms, THEY'RE THE SAME TERRIBLE QUARTERBACK! Doesn't anyone notice this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!!!!"

3. If you are a numbers nerd, like me, this article in the PG about the statistics of the tournament in relation to how far the Pitt hoops squad will advance this season is definitely worth a look.

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