Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pens Waive Satan; Big Move Coming?

The Pens are going to be awfully short-handed tonight, as Miro Satan was waived earlier AND Sidney Crosby is going to miss his 4th straight game due to injury.

The big news is obviously that Satan was waived. Did anyone see this coming? I sure as hell didn't. It is obviously no secret that Miro has been a bit of a disappointment this season and he is certainly overpaid, but it wasn't like he was useless and a dead weight. He is still a decent enough player to earn some minutes, though certainly not on Sid or Geno's wing. He's just too slow and isn't the right fit for either one's style of play.

So you have to figure there is more to this move, as contending teams don't just waive a guy with 17 goals. This has to mean that Ray Shero is hoping to make another move and add some salary by tomorrow's 3 PM trade deadline. With the 3.5 million off the books, it figures to be somebody of at least pretty big consequence. That surprises me a bit, as I kind of thought the Chris Kunitz addition was going to be it as far as significant pieces, but I'll reserve full judgment until I see just what he has up his sleeve.

I'd also say there is a decent chance Satan gets claimed. The 3.5 million dollar tag is only good until the end of the season, and Satan has a decent enough touch around the net to at least intrigue some teams that are looking to add a complementary piece.

You had to figure there was at least a modest chance that Sid might miss the game tonight. The groin injury is obviously not going away quickly, but at the same time, it's also not a serious injury to get all worked up over. When it's healthy, it's healthy. Until then, there's not much you can do about it.

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Tom said...

Yeah I think there has to be something on the way. I've searching around to a bunch of sites looking for any rumors, haven't found anything worth believing. I wonder what we're going to have to give up for another winger. Letang? Goligoski? We don't have a ton of assets.