Saturday, March 21, 2009

NCAA Round 2 Picks

Day 1 and 2 were only so-so for me. I hit on 23 of my 32 first round picks. Not embarrassing, but it's not gonna win me any bracket pools, either. That wasn't good enough so I thought I'd try it again. But I didn't feel like having to be handicapped by ignorance and incorrect picks from before the tourney started, so I'm going to start with a fresh slate, as if I hit on all 32 picks in the first and try to pick these games anew.

Here we go with the Saturday Picks, tomorrow's will be up...well... tomorrow.
Villanova over UCLA
Maryland over Memphis
Connecticut over Texas A&M
Purdue over Washington
North Carolina over LSU
Oklahoma over Michigan
Gonzaga over Western Kentucky
Duke over Texas

Lots and lots of chalk dust falling off these chalk-filled picks, but I think that Maryland over Memphis upset pick makes up for the lack of risk in the other picks.

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