Monday, March 2, 2009

Nate Washington Gets Waaaaaaaaay Overpaid

Wow. That's all that I can say. 6 years, 27 million and 9 mil guaranteed for Nate Washington?!? To the Titans, no less? What a ridiculous contract. I mean I like Nate, and there's no question that he is 1000% better than he was a few years ago when he first came in from Tiffin College, and he also figures to continue on his upward trend for at least another year or two. But still. That is a freaking truck load of money for a guy who shouldn't be any higher on a depth chart than third.

What's worse for Nate is that I don't like this situation for him at all. He gets money that, barring any other big moves, indicates he will be the top receiver on the depth chart and will have sky-high expectations. And if he starts doing the Nate Washington thing, and by that I mean dropping critical balls downfield, things could turn ugly for him in a huge hurry.

But whatever. I guess the one good thing that could help him is that Tennessee sure as hell isn't going to throw the ball a ton considering their ultra-potent run game and they don't need him to catch 5 or 6 passes a game. What they need is for him to effectively stretch the field, and while I think that trait of his has been a little overrated by some for the past year or two, he can at least be a solid upgrade for Tennessee there. So congrats to Nate for a pay day that gives him financial security for (hopefully) the rest of his life. And good luck Tennessee on trying to get him to continue his development to the point that he maybe becomes a complete receiver some day.

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