Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pens Fire Therrien

It just came down through the Post-Gazette moments ago that the Pens have fired Michel Therrien. A definite panic move on the part of the Pens after the absolute debacle that was the loss to the Maple Leafs Saturday night.

It had become sort of en vogue around these parts to not want to pin the blame on Therrien but...I mean I think you've got to put a pretty good amount of the blame on him, right? Can't say this is too surprising.

Hockey coaches have notoriously short lifespans, and maybe Therrien had just run his course. Whatever the case, Dan Bylsma, who had previously been the head coach at Wilkes-Barre (the exact position Therrien had before he took over as Pens coach for Edzo) will take over.

I'll expound more on this a bit later on tonight, but for now just wanted to get this post up and to say, before we go piling on Mikey let's also remember the superb job he did last season in giving us a very memorable playoff run. So long, Mikey, I'm sure you won't be standing at the unemployment line for long.

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