Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heading to the Pens Game Tonight

I was very fired up about a week ago when I remembered I had tickets to the Pens game this evening. I go to probably 6-7 games a year, but for some weird scheduling reason I haven't been to one since probably some time in early December, a pretty long dry spell for me. With that in mind I dug through my desk drawer to make sure I hadn't lost them or something, (it wouldn't be the first time) and upon finding them became instantly very concerned. Not because they were "Obstructed View" or because they were tickets for a game that had already happened (also wouldn't be the first time), but because of who we were playing: The Sharks.

Now, I firmly believe that with the Pens level of talent, especially at the top, they are capable of beating any team at any time. But the Sharks...yeesh. That team is unbelievably good. They are tearing through the West right now with 81 points in 51 games. A week later, I am feeling no better about this matchup. If anything, I feel worse.

Last night the Sharks absolutely smoked the Bruins 5-2. In case you haven't been following hockey, the Bruins are a very, very, very good team. And the Sharks marched into their building and blew the doors off of them. The Pens meanwhile got outplayed, outskated, and outcoached by the Red Wings at the Igloo on Sunday. The Wings are behind the Sharks in the Western Conference. The Pens also have had consistency issues even when they do win games. If that happens tonight the Sharks are going to bury them,

I'm sorry if I sound a little gloom-and-doom. I suppose I shouldn't be complaining too much. I mean going to a hockey game is still a pretty good night no matter what happens. Factor in the ridiculously high level of play I figure to see from at least one team, and it should be at least and enjoyable game to watch. I just hope the Pens play to the high levels that each and every Pens fan knows this team has in them. Otherwise it could be a long for our boys in black (or powder blue) and gold.

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