Monday, January 5, 2009

Talk about your good news/ bad news for Pitt fans

Pitt Panther fans the world over received some sort of reassuring news today when coach Dave Wannstedt informed reporters that he expected sophomore sensation LeSean McCoy to stay at Pitt for next season. While I would feel a lot more certain if Shady himself said it (again), Wanny claims that McCoy and his family have made their decision.

However, we also got some horrifically, tragically, dreadfully bad news to go along with the news of Shady's return. That's right, just when you thought it was safe to watch a football game again, the revolting coordinator, Matt Cavanaugh, somehow will still have a job next season, and it won't be as a towel boy. Nope, it'll be as the offensive coordinator for the Pitt Panthers. Again. Ughh....hrmmm...I'm not feeling too well...stay with me for a second .............................................. okay I'm back. Sorry about that. I had to throw up a little bit. It's all good now. Anyway, in case you can't quite tell how I feel about our offensive offensive coordinator (no I didn't make a mistake there by typing offensive twice- I literally mean that the man's play calling offends me) here is a photo I used to lead the column following the Pitt Sun Bowl debacle:Yup, I'm certainly no fan of the man. Of course, it wasn't without logical justification from the Wannstache himself. "Matt has forgotten more about coaching quarterbacks than most of the other guys out there will ever know." That's reassuring isn't it? I never really understood how that is supposed to be a compliment. "Yup, the guy's a great coordinator isn't he? He forgets a lot of things." Well then, he must be good!

Truth be told this might help explain Cavanaugh's play-calling. I mean, this actually makes sense, doesn't it? He clearly has had some sort of very serious head injury that makes him forget things, so much so that everything he's forgotten is greater than what others know. Say if his knowledge, on a scale of 1-100, was once a 70 (I know hard to believe but stay with me), and the "other guys" as Wanny called them have a knowledge of 50. Well, now Cavanaugh's knowledge is clearly down around a 10, meaning he has literally forgotten more than other guys know. Wonderful. Very reassuring.

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