Monday, January 19, 2009


After yet another too-close-for-comfort, gnawing-on-your-fingernails, edge-of-your seat game against the hated Baltimore Ravens, our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers are officially heading to Tampa Bay for Super Bowl XLIII to take on the Arizona (Pittsburgh West) Cardinals for the right to call themselves the World Champions. After spending the past couple years running amok in Oakland, I figured I'd put together a quick post here, followed by a full-on post at some point tomorrow.

It's a pretty safe bet that much will be made of the numerous Pittsburgh connections in this game, but none more so than the Ken Whisenhunt-Mike Tomlin dynamic. I'll take a little more of a look at this later on, but the subplots are so numerous that I'm having a hard time even coming up with an exact number right now (of course that could also be because I'm about 10 beers in right now, and working surprisingly efficiently I might add).

I'm not about to offer any analysis as its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early for that kind of talk and we have two weeks to dissect that. For now, just enjoy the thought of being AFC Champs and playing in yet another Super Bowl. As football fans, we are truely spoiled.

One final note before I part:Friends don't let friends buy AFC Championship gear. I never understood the point of this. I mean in two weeks, this stuff is obsolete because either A) The Steelers will have a sixth Super Bowl and will be pumping out more Super Bowl Champion gear than you could possibly imagine, or B) You'll be so pissed at losing that you won't want to ever remember being there and will likely ignite any AFC Championship gear you have. We're Steeler fans folks, we've been here too many times to waste our money on this kind of nonsense. Let the Cardinal fans eat this stuff up, we're too classy for it.

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