Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shady Still Uncertain

Despite the reports last week that Pitt's superstar tailback LeSean McCoy was headed to the NFL, things are still very much unclear with regard to Shady's future. This drama won't be able to be drawn out much longer, as the deadline for underclassmen to declare for the NFL Draft is this coming Thursday, just two days away from now.

McCoy has apparently been openly emotional about this process, and is quite obviously having a very, very difficult time deciding between staying or going. As always with cloak-and-dagger type stuff where minds are changing behind closed doors, there are a number of rumors circulating around the situation. Many are claiming that Shady's mom is the one urging him to turn pro for the financial security and that Shady is having second thoughts because he loves college ball, yet doesn't want to go against his mom and then risk an injury.

I'm not about to go passing any sort of judgment on Shady or his mom or anything personal like that, because I have no sort of inside scoop and these sorts of rumors turn out to be wrong as often as they are right.

Only two more days until we know just how high (or low) our expectations for the 2009 Pitt Football team should be. Should be a nerve-wracking couple days for Pitt fans, and I just want to wish good luck to LeSean and his family in making this obviously difficult decision, and let him know whatever he ends up deciding, he'll always be a beloved figure in Pitt history.

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