Monday, January 26, 2009

SB43: Kind of a Big Deal

You know it's kind of a big deal when Eat 'N Park closes early. I mean they only close on Thanksgiving and Christmas. And now the Steeler Super Sunday.

Anyway, the rest of the town has shut down apparently for this game. Even the other local sports teams have a light schedule. The Pirates celebrated the occasion by claiming something called a Virgil Vasquez and putting him on the 40-man. Whatever. Wake me up when pitchers and catchers report. Until then, I'll be more worried about who my keepers will be in fantasy baseball than real baseball.

The Pens are just coming off the All-Star Break and don't play til Wednesday. Hard to write anything about them right now except the requisite "Let's Hope the Second Half is better."

The Panthers are remaining active and quite relevant, bumping up to third in the b-ball rankings after a big W over the Eers. They play Wednesday and Saturday against ranked folks, so there is that at least.

Still though, all of the attention these days is unquestionably on the Men of Steel. Expect a few preview posts in the days to come. Should be a fun ride folks.

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