Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pens Get 2 All-Stars, Give Up 6 Goals

That headline is a microcosm for the Pens season isn't it? The team is littered with star caliber players, including 2 super-duper-stars, yet right now they aren't even a freaking playoff team. I mean how do the Panthers, one of the least effective offensive teams in the sport, go off for 6 goals? Right now this team is absolutely unwatchable. And what in the world is Sidney Crosby doing right now? What kind of captaincy is that? 21 minutes worth of penalty minutes wracked up to the team captain!?! How is that helpful?

Something drastic has to happen with this squad and it has to happen right now. I honestly have no idea, except to say that I think the roster needs to be shaken up a little. Its pretty evident these guys aren't enjoying playing together right now, and the chemistry on this team can best be described as toxic when things start going poorly.

I also know that while this isn't necessarily Mikey Therrien's fault, it's also not exactly speaking volumes about his coaching ability, and unless the Pens pull out of this disgraceful tailspin pretty soon, someone is going to have to take the fall for this, and that someone figures to be Therrien.

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