Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pens Finally Get a W

After a 5 game losing streak, the Pens, at long last, somehow managed to pull off a win tonight over the Thrashers, 3-1. Needless to say, this one was met with more relief than excitement on the part of the Pens fans, and in all likelihood, the Pens themselves.

While watching the game at the bar, most people celebrated the win with sighs of reliefs, "Thank God"s and "Whew"s. Not exactly what we want to feel as fans after beating a team that was 11 points behind us coming into tonight's game.

Tonight's heroes were Geno, Petr Gun, Sid, and Flower. And frankly if the Pens were going to get a W, you just knew it was probably going to have to be these 4 that would do it for them. The three stars and the one veteran who is actually producing. Let's hope that these 4 can keep up the good work and get this team on a nice little win streak. Don't forget, despite the win tonight, the Pens' little slump has put them in 9th in the Eastern Conference at the midway point in their season.

The power play for the Pens started clicking again tonight thank god, with a pair of goals after an 0-for-about-1000 effort of late. This was encouraging to see, and while I didn't notice a ton different in terms of strategy (Geno was still playing far away from the net, which I hate), I do like having Sid planted in front of the net. He may not be your typical in-front-of-the-net guy shoving guys out of there and causing all kinds of hell, but he is crazy talented and is probably the best one on the team at deflecting shots in front of the goalie. Let's just hope he doesn't catch an errant puck like poor (not in a monetary sense) Bugsy Malone.

Luckily, the Atlantic Division has been very tough and very parity-stricken this season, as the Pens find themselves just 7 points out of 1st in the division. Ifthe Pens are able to start up a win streak that rivals their recent losing streak (I know this is a definite stretch after just one win, but stay with me here) they will be fighting it out with the Rangers, Flyers, and Devils for that top spot.

For now, let's not look that far ahead, let's just be glad that (hopefully) our Pens hit their lowest point and are now on the way back up. We'll learn more Thursday night when they visit Nashville. Another solid performance and a W and there is definite reason to be encouraged.

Check back tomorrow for a full-team report card for the mid-season grades.

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