Monday, December 15, 2008

Steelers Links From Around the NFL Universe

I provided my own personal Steeler coverage a little further down the page, but if that doesn't quite do the trick for you, here are some other links for your enjoyment and convenience:
-The Post-Gazette's game coverage, Gene Collier's ever-amusing column, Ron Cook's nice column about the Steelers D's superiority, Chuck Finder's solidly entertaining (if a little lengthy) live blog of the Steelers-Birdies game, Gerry Dulac's two-minute drill which is really just overkill of the other points in the other columns, the Steelers notebook which details SpitGate, and lastly the PG's traditional Report Card of the game, always good to read. You think this is a Steeler town or what? Good god that was a lot of links.

-Peter King loves our Steelers in his weekly Monday Morning QB, as he puts them in the coveted top spot of his Fine 15.

-ESPN's AFC North Blogger James Walker talks Steelers-Ravens, especially Big Ben's clutchness and the Steelers ascendency to the favorite status in the AFC.

-Walt Coleman quickly explains the TD Call for Santonio late in the game that is causing all this uproar.

-Peter King's SI Colleague Don Banks makes the claim that our beloved Black and Gold have that look of a team of destiny. This actually worries me, as the supposed "team of destiny" isn't usually emerging in Week 15. It usually ends up being that no one realizes they are a team of destiny until they get a playoff win under their belts. Think about it: The G-men a year ago, our Steelers three years ago, the first two Patriots title teams, the Ravens title team. None of those teams (maybe the Colts a little bit) were considered among the most serious of contenders at this point in their respective seasons, and weren't really considered dangerous until they got a playoff win or two.

-Andrew Perloff makes a good point about the refs having balls to make a decisive call instead of equivocating with a "inconclusive" call. Of course, if this had happened to the Steelers I would be in the midst of a 1000 word expletive-laced e-mail to Perloff. But he's okay in my book right now.

-The Steelers get a B+ from Pete Prisco, the Birdies a B-. Sounds about right to me.

-Clark Judge sounds off on the resilient Steelers and says that he too believes in this Steelers team as maybe the best team in the league. I don't know about you, but being everyone's favorite for the Super Bowl makes me very, very uneasy. Too many scars from the Bill Cowher era of teams that lost in the AFC Championship I suppose.

-And normally I would try to throw something in from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, even though I'm a PG man, but their website is down right now. Your loss Trib.

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