Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some Doubt About It: Pirates Pick Lanny's Replacement

The Bucs have themselves a new play-by-play guy, Tim Neverett, from the Colorado Rockies on FSN Rocky Mountain. Good to see we have some new blood to call our almost-sure-thing record-breaking 17th straight losing season.

I initially wondered why in the world he would leave a franchise like the Rockies, just a year removed from an NL pennant and in a bigger media market, to come to the Pirates, who are stuck in the the worst (or more accurately, tied for the worst) rut in MLB history. It turns out he was only a part-time play-by-play guy for the Rockies and was a pre-game and post-game studio host. This info was courtesy of the folks at the Trib. Hard to really have an opinion here until we actually get the chance to see how he fits in. But it's at least newsworthy, as the job of Pirates play-by-play has had some pretty popular figures in it over the years, and though Lanny may have been slipping in the last few years, he was a pretty well-known man in Pittsburgh sports.

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