Monday, December 29, 2008

End of Season NFL Power Rankings

Well since it's the end of the NFL regular season, I figured it's about time I did something tht I had been meaning to do for several weeks: An NFL Power Ranking.

I know, I know, it's a little on the generic side, but if everyone else on the internet can do one, why can't I? So anyway, let's get to it:

1 Titans- They are the best, and until someone proves they can beat the Titans first-team, there is no reason to think otherwise. They are built very effectively for tough, postseason ball, which should make them a tough out, especially at home.
2 Giants- The Giants are the Champs, 'nuff said. I don't think anyone wants a piece of this bunch.
3 Steelers- The ferocious black and gold D makes the Steelers a very menacing opponent, as does the postseason experience of Big Ben Roethlisberger and the rest of the Steelers offense.
4 Colts- The Colts have positioned themselves for a road run, and things look to be clicking at the perfect time for Peyton's crew.
5 Panthers- I've never been much for Jake Delhomme, but this team is playing good ball and finding ways to win right now.
6 Falcons- Hey I'm a big Matt Ryan fan, but can we slow down this Matt Ryan MVP Express Train? I mean, does no one realize that Michael Turner is unquestionably the most important person to that offense? If they don't know it yet, they will soon.
7 Ravens- I took great comfort in knowing the Steelers can't face these guys in the second round. I want no part of a Round 3 with the Baltimore Birdies.
8 Dolphins- This team overachieved to a truly remarkable level this season, but I just can't possibly imagine this team making a serious run in the playoffs, they just aren't ready.
9 Patriots- Hey, I'm all for things that screw over the Patriots, Bill Belicheck, and Boston sports fans, but there is something definitely wrong with the NFL's playoff system when an 11-5 team that is as good as the Patriots and have overcome as much as they have misses out on the postseason.
10 Vikings- As horrific as I expect Tarvaris Jackson to perform in the postseason, Adrian Peterson is just sooooooooooooo good.
11 Eagles- I can't fathom how this team turned things around. Their goose was cooked after tieing the atrocious Bengals and benching Donovan McNabb, and yet here they are, a postseason team after running the Cowgirls off the field.
12 Texans- A strong finish for the Texans jolts them way up the power rankings even though they have been eliminated from the playoffs for about a month.
13 Cardinals- Yes the Cards finally got back on the W side of the ledger after capping their season by topping the Seahawks, but does that really reassure anyone after their dreadful slide that preceded the win. This team is the best of an awful division. Congratulations, that will get you a first round home loss, just ask...
14 Chargers- What a crock that this team is in the playoffs. They were 5-8 and about to lose to the god-awful Chiefs a few weeks back, yet somehow stormed back to win and then caught the free-falling Broncos.
15 Bears- Playing the motive-less Texans, the Bears choked away a playoff chance. I'm not sold on Kyle Orton, but he's at least not going to kill you like Sexy Rexy, and I'm REALLY not sold on Lovie Smith as a coach, but I guess they'll both get another go-round.
16 Jets- The Man-genius gets canned, Brett Favre is talking retirement... the J-E-T-S could look VERY different next season, and I'm not so sure that's a bad thing.
17 Saints- Drew Brees is really, really good, but the defense and the so-called star runners like Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister... not so much. This team needs to re-tool themselves.
18 49ers- A wildly encouraging finish under the fiery Mike Singletary. We've heard this story before about the 49ers, but with some nice pieces and a reasonably competent (if a little crazy) head coach, I'm actually semi-buying it, especially in that putrid division.
19 Buccaneers- If it weren't for several other late season meltdowns on more high profile teams, the Bucs collapse would definitely be a bigger story. This team looks like its peaked in its current format and needs a rebuilding job. I don't think that happens under Jon Gruden though.
20 Redskins- Dan Snyder is insisting Jim Zorn is sticking around, and while he was an upgrade over the guy who called the illegal back-to-back timeouts, he's nothing special, and I'm surprised (and a little disappointed) in the free-spending Snyder.
21 Cowboys- Similar to their division rivals in the nation's capital, I have trouble seeing the Cowboys keeping their head coach. I mean Wade Phillips is a really, really bad head coach. How can a team with that much talent lay such an egg in an important game like the one yesterday? And how could any semi-competent coach let things get so poisonous in the locker room?
22 Broncos- One of these days the fine folks of Denver will realize Mike Shanahan might be the most overrated coach in NFL history not named George Seifert. Until then, they're destined to late season collapses like the one they just suffered through.
23 Packers- The Packers were a real mystery team. They played well, Aaron Rodgers was solid, they were decently coached, and played in a winnable division. They just couldn't win any close games. I think they could be a surprise squad next season, assuming they don't press the panic button.
24 Raiders- Who would've thought Tom Cable would bear some resemblance to a decent head coach? Certainly not me, but there's no denying that the guy was a pretty solid presence for the Raiders this season. Maybe there's hope yet for life in the black hole.
25 Bills- The Bills 3-9 finish after a 4-0 start is one of the least-talked-about big stories of the season. This team was a flat out mess for the final 3 months of the year, and I'm not sure how they had enough faith to extend Dick Jauron's contract in the midst of that disaster.
26 Seahawks- This team suffered from Bill Cowher syndrome. That is, their coach was leaving after the season and it sunk the whole damn thing for them. Holmgrem probably wasn't putting in the work necessary, the players weren't as eager or as hungry to play for him, etc. It's a write-off season out in Seattle.
27 Jaguars- A true stinkbomb of a season, and if it weren't for the Jaguars being the Oakland A's of the NFL, they'd probably send Jack Del Rio packing, but they're too cash-strapped to pay two coaches, and its unlikely they'd be able to land a quality coach for what they'd be offering.
28 Bengals- What does Marv Lewis have to do to get fired? Sure Carson Palmer's injury ruined this season, but how many chances does this guy get? They are unbelievably bad and I'm not sure there is one person on this team that showed any signs of progress this season. Just a nuclear winter of a situation.
29 Browns- Speaking of nuclear winter... But at least the Brownies have some talent. Being one injury away from offering Bernie Kosar a tryout led them to this level, but at best this was a 7 win team. Remember back when all the "experts" thought they were poised for a division title. Oh how I love the idiot NFL experts.
30 Chiefs- Much like Marv Lewis, how can it be that Herm Edwards still has a job? Just a truly bizarre situation that requires a fresh start from the management and coaching perspective, and Edwards surely isn't that.
31 Rams- How bad is it to be a football fan in Missouri right now? Which one of these teams have bragging rights right now? Would anyone care if the Rams moved back to LA? So many questions, so little wins.
32 Lions- And of course, the Lions... 0-16!?!?!?! A truly remarkable and historic season for the Lions. I will never forget this bunch of losers as long as I live. I think this franchise would be best served to shut things down for a few years, let all their contracts expire, sell the team to some fresh blood with knowledgeable personnel and just re-enter the league in 2012 as an expansion team. It's really the quickest way I can see toward them becoming a successful team again.

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Peter said...

A 12 ranking for the Texans? I don't think so. So what if they won a bunch of meaningless games, they seem like they do this every year and then stink the joint out the following September. I'll believe it from them when I see it.