Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Steelers Release Berger

If you didn't check out my Steelers live blog, take a look below, and you'll notice one of the things that I focus the most on is Mitch Berger's devastatingly awful night. I mean he was a legitimate handicap for the team, and when Al Michaels dropped that little bomb on us about him having "two bad hamstrings" I about fell over.

I mean, two bad hamstrings? Really? How can you punt if you have two bad hammys? I pulled my hamstring a couple years ago playing baseball and I could barely walk off the field after it happened it was difficult. You can barely even straighten your leg out. How the heck could this guy have been punting?

Well, apparently, Mike Tomlin, a week after the snapper disaster, decided the Steelers had enough special teams adventures for one season, and gave the aging Berger the boot and brought back Paul Ermster.

Ermster, you'll remember, was with the team after Daniel Sepulveda went down, and was actually the likely choice until Berger came on strong at the end. Ermster didn't look great in the pre-season, and was pretty inconsistent, but I didn't hate what I saw from him, and he'll be an upgrade over a legless Berger, that's for sure.

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