Monday, November 24, 2008

Some very interesting bits of news

Two bits of news have come down the pipeline today for our local teams and I figured that they were worth mentioning:
-The Pirates today announced that they had signed not one, but two young pitchers from....India? No, not Indiana, read that last word again. INDIA! Rinku Singh and Dinesh Kumar Patel were inked today by our PBC. According to the Bucs they are the first two Indians to be signed to a major professional contract outside of their country. I like the creativity, but India and South Africa are some strange places to mine.

-The Steelers brought Mitch Berger back into the fold as their punter earlier today. Its absolutely no surprise that Paul Ermster was released, as he had one of the worst games you can ever have for a punter Thursday night. Still, the signing of Berger seems a strange one to me. Berger was a mediocre option even when he was healthy, and after he tweaked his hamstrings he was nearly as bad as Ermster. I refuse to believe that Berger is the best leg the Steelers could find.

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