Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NHL All-Star Game Controversy

In case you missed it, a good deal of controversy has cropped up regarding the NHL All-Star Game. It appears that the NHL, in all their backward wisdom, forgot to put a code verifier on the website (you know one of those things that requires you to type in a code that is displayed before submitting something. Try to comment on this article if you don't know what I mean and you'll see one) where the voting takes place, and those dirty, dirty Canadians took advantage of it. The Montreal fans, the ones who will host this year's game, appear to be the ones who took advantage of this, as the Canadien players now all have unbelievably large leads. The NHL, once again in all it's very finite wisdom, does not look like they are going disregard the cheaters votes.

And since there likely is no use crying over spilled milk, unless you really want to go ahead and e-mail the league, I say that we as Pens fans, must use all of our powers to vote an absurd amount between now and the All-Star game to get our beloved Penguins into the game legitimately and shove it down these stupid Canadien fans throats.

So go cast your vote for our beloved Pens

In case you were wondering, the unofficial scoreboard looks like this:
Alex Kovalev 241,564
Saku Koivu 239,089
Alex Tanguay 237,287
Sidney Crosby 126,330
Evgeni Malkin 97,580
Alex Ovechkin 93,176
Alexander Semin 68,071
Andrei Markov 264,514
Mike Komisarek 239,101
Mike Green 86,783
Zdeno Chara 84,242
Sergei Gonchar 58,734
Teppo Numinen 47,961
Ryan Whitney 47,627
Carey Price 258,107
Marc-Andre Fleury 67,968
Ryan Miller 52,165

Hmm..., 6 starter spots and 6 Canadiens, seems a little fishy to me. I'll keep you folks update as time goes along on how the campaign is going.

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Jonathan said...

Isn't that just like those Canucks to go and screw everything up for the rest of us? I did my part man, let's hope we can mount a comeback.