Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An All-Time Great W For the Penguins

Talk about a once in a lifetime comeback. In case you missed out, or were one of the sorry suckers who turned off the game a tad prematurely, the Penguins just finished up one of the most amazing comebacks I have ever seen in hockey. You could tell towards the end of the third period just how bad they really wanted this one, not just because they were playing against an elite team, but because they were playing against the team that knocked them off in last year's Stanley Cup, and perhaps most of all, because they were playing against the turncoat, Marian Hossa.

My eyes were on the Captain early on, Sidney Crosby, and he didn't disappoint, with an impressive early goal and a pair of assists, but he was greatly overshadowed by the suddenly-hot-as-the-sun Jordan Staal. Staal put up his second career hat trick, including the game tying goal with less than a minute to go in regulation. Let's hope this is just the beginning of Staal tapping into his sky-high potential, as if he can keep up this consistent offensive performance up, the Pens suddenly become a top-line contender.

A few minutes into overtime, Ruslan Fedotenko buried a puck behind Chris Osgood to cap off a truly memorable win, and perhaps a turning point in the season to make the Penguins the team that many think they will ultimately become.

That's not to say that this game wasn't without it's bumps, though, as the Pens fell behind 5-2 in the third period before they ultimately pulled off the 7-6 W. And yet again, we saw the Pens struggle with consistency and the next time they put together a legitimately dominating 60 minute game, it will be the first I've seen all season. But I'm not about to dwell on this tonight, not after a spectacular 2 points, I'll savor the flavor of this one while it lasts.

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