Monday, August 4, 2008

Say It Ain't So Brett

Yeah I had to weigh in on the Brett Favre saga as well.

For the most part, I usually try to steer clear of columns dedicated specifically to other teams in a league when we have our own team here in the Steel City, but in the case of Brett Favre and his ongoing saga with the Packers, I couldn't stay silent any longer.
Brett, I'm going to make this very clear, stay the hell retired. I could care less what Peter King, Gene Woji-whatever his name is, Mort, and the 10 million other writers nationwide may say about you deserving this chance, I say you blew it Favre. If you really were being pushed out in Green Bay, then why did you retire and only decide to grow a pair 4 months after the fact?
If the Packers were pushing you out, fine, frankly I don't blame them, they need to move on with Aaron Rodgers, who I think could be a serviceable if not spectacular QB in this league, and they can't continually pander to your whims. But, Brett, if it's true they were pushing you out, then you did the worst thing that you could have done, and that would be to listen to them, and then decide not to listen to them a few months later. If you wanted to keep playing, you should have demanded back in February that you wanted to be released to play elsewhere, before the OTA's and the draft happened. Instead, with training camp just days away, you decide to put even more pressure on poor Aaron Rodgers, who is about to have the most scrutinized season in NFL history. His own fans already seem to be plotting ways to turn on him should the occasion arise. Way to go Brett, way to go down as a team player, Brett.
Favre, if you elsewhere, like Baltimore or Minnesota or Chicago or Tampa Bay or even Buffalo, there is an incredibly strong chance that it works out horrifically for you wherever that new home is, and Topps gets another card to add to as-yet-unreleased special edition "Guys who switched teams instead of retired" series. Trust me, no one wants to see you go down with Franco Harris in a Seahawk uni, Emmitt Smith in a Cardinal uni, or Jerry Rice in a Raider uni, it would only tarnish your legacy, hurt the Packers standing with their fans, and tarnish what is now a terrific legacy. Because, while people may have mostly forgotten the lost years the above players spent away from their real teams, your never-ending soap opera has ensured that no one will soon forget your fate.

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