Monday, August 4, 2008

A Re-Do Of The Pirates Past Drafts

I know the old hindsight is 20/20 argument, but these types of things are the kinds of articles I always enjoy writing.

Now that we actually have a baseball team that appears to have a sound drafting strategy, I thought it would be fun...err... I mean interesting to look back at the past first round picks and see what our other alternatives could have, should have, or would have been had we had competent people in charge. This is a quick column right now, nothing too in-depth, but we will go back until we stumble across the last Pirates first round pick to make an All-Star team.
Obviously this was the Danny Moskos disaster, and the pick should have been Matt Wieters, 'nuff said. Do-over Pick: Matt Wieters
The Buccos went with the workhorse Brad Lincoln in this draft, who promptly tore up his elbow. Grrreeat. Sitting at number 4 in this draft, the Pirates just missed out on the chance to pass on, I mean select Evan Longoria, but could have had their hands on Clayton Kershaw, Andrew Miller, Tim Lincecum, or Max Sherzer, among others. Do-over Pick: Tim Lincecum
This draft actually looks like a very good looking back now, as they got Andrew McCutchen, arguably the top prospect in all of minor league baseball right now, 11th overall. Studs like Troy Tulowitzki, Ryan Braun, and Ryan Zimerman all went before Cutch, and the phenom that is Jay Bruce went directly after him, but I truly think this was the best pick Dunce Littlefield ever made as a GM with the Bucs. Do-over Pick: Andrew McCutchen
Once again, the Pirates appear to have done a decent job with this pick, grabbing local kid Neil Walker 11th overall. Walker looks like a solid prospect, but probably hasn't reached the potential the Pirates had envisioned when he was taken there. Jered Weaver went directly after Walker and Stephen Drew went a handful of picks later, though. Do-over Pick: Stephen Drew
The one Pirate first rounder to successfully make it to the big leagues, Paul Maholm, went 8th overall this year. And he actually appears to be a better player then at least 4 of the 7 players in front of him, and is probably on a similar plane with Rickie Weeks and Delmon Young and definitely behind Nick Markakis, the guys who went later offer some serious potential. Ian Stewart has shown considerable ability, and he went 10. Conor Jackson (19th) has had a monster season thus far, and Chad Cordero (20th) had a great start but has been mediocre of late. Do-over Pick: Conor Jackson
This is one that's a real kick in the pants: With the first overall pick (in a draft with Prince Fielder, B.J. Upton, Jeff Francis, Scott Kazmir, Nick Swisher, and Jeff Francoeur), the Pittsburgh Pirates select... Brian Bullington, a 22 year old RHP from Ball State who projects (at best) as a back of the rotation starter. What an atrocious pick this one was. Do-over Pick: Prince Fielder
We'll never know what would have happened had John VanBenschoten remained a hitter, but one thing's for certain, it couldn't have been any worse then his pitching career has been thus far. This draft has actually been a pretty big bust except for Joe Mauer and Mark Teixeira, but there are certainly better options than JVB. Do-over Pick: Jeremy Bonderman
This one was a god awful first round, and the Pirates nabbed Sean Burnett at 19 (yes, the Bucs actually picked that low at one point). In fact, this draft was so atrocious, we'll stick with Burnett here just because everyone else isn't any better, and Burnett has potential as a long-term reliever, and we won't kid ourselves by dipping into the second round for a Grady Sizemore because that was never a real option, and it isn't fair to criticize based on that. Do-over Pick: Sean Burnett
Looking at this draft makes me want to throw myself off of a cliff. The Pirates had a field to choose from that included: Ben Sheets, Barry Zito, Brett Myers, Jason Jennings, and Alexis Rios, and, naturally, they chose Bobby Bradley. Ouch. Do-over Pick: Ben Sheets
Once again, the Pirates had a field of: Kip Wells, Brad Lidge, and C.C. Sabathia, and they took the legendary Clint Johnston. Do-over Pick: C.C. Sabathia
The Pirates grabbed the force that is J.J. Davis with this pick at number 8, and ignored such career bums as: Michael Cuddyer, Jon Garland, Lance Berkman, and Adam Kennedy. Do-over Pick: Lance Berkman
With the first overall pick, the Pittsburgh Pirates select... Kris Benson. (NOOOOOOOOO!) While Kris did give the city of Pittsburgh a smoking hot wife to stare at, he was a bum for a few years before bouncing around the league for a few more, all the while people snickered at the poor bastard for his crazy but inferno-esque wife. Do-over Pick: Eric Chavez
Chad Hermansen went 10th overall to the Battlin' Bucs this year, prompting appoximately 7 straight years of Pirates fans fawning over his potential, and then booing him when he batted .025 during the season. Do-over Pick: Roy Halladay
The Bucs pulled off a draft-day coup when they nailed Mark Farris 11th overall in this draft. What's that? You've never heard of that great Mark Farris? Really? Oh, yeah, that's right, because he's another enormous bust for this team. Do-over Pick: Nomar (NOMAH!) Garciaparra
Charles Petersen, yep, that was their first rounder. I can't even form full thoughts right now I'm so irate. Do-over pick: Jeff D'Amico
FINALLY! We have ourselves an All-Star, the Pittsburgh icon, the all-time great that is... Jason Kendall. Oh, shit, wait a minute, Kendall wasn't an all-time great. He was really just an above average catcher who played his ass off on the field, was a complete dickhead off of it, and was given a contract that was at least, twice as much as he was worth. Still, though, an All-Star is an all-star.

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