Monday, August 4, 2008

First Post

This post was originally posted June 5, 2008 at my old site as an intro, so I figure it will work here as well:

Welcome everyone to the first post of the Steel City Sports Blog (now Three River Sports Blog). I hope to turn this place into a pretty serious blog about everything related to Pittsburgh Sports. I'm talking Steelers, Pirates, Penguins, Panthers, and anything else that is the topic du jour in the Steel City. I have had a number of other blogs that I have started online, and at some point I hope to put those posts on here to give everyone a bigger sample size of my work, but for now I will just write brand new stuff, focusing mainly on the Pens just concluded season and the Pirates for the next few weeks (could I have picked a worse time of year to start a blog?) until it gets time to focus on them Stillers.
As I said before, I want to be pretty serious about this blog, and hope to average around a column a day, thanks mainly to an incredibly lax job that allows me to do next to nothing all day except work on these columns, and also finally coming up with a blog site idea that will hold my interest unlike my other ones (I once started an all NFL Draft Blog. Yikes!)
Anyway, I should have a column up about the Pens soon, and stop back to enjoy.

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